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Swing Wall Stickers

The simple swing is an unforgettable friend of all children - whisking little boys and little girls high above the ground on an exhilarating pendulum, or swaying in the breeze as tiny feet dangle in the air. Our carefully selected collection of DIY wall stickers bring this wonderful childhood memory into your home.

These charming, stick-on, art decals are easy to apply to the wall of any baby’s nursery, child’s bedroom or kid’s playroom. Simply choose a size and colour to complement your existing decor and position thoughtfully, creating a captivating illusion of a swing hanging from a furnishing. Or select the giant freestanding tree and rope swing design, delivering a stunning statement to any room in the home.

So think of that blank wall that is crying out for some character, use the power of your imagination to recapture your love of a swing, and up in the air go flying again!