Oriental Wall Stickers

Follow the silk road and browse our elegant collection of vinyl oriental wall stickers. Decorate your study or lounge with Chinese calligraphy promising love, long life and elegance; a bathroom with calming koi carp, or a child’s bedroom with the magic of a Chinese dragon, all beautifully designed to bring eastern promise into your home.

Our DIY art decals are hand finished in a whole host of colours, allowing you to complement your existing decor or to create a bold statement piece. A range of sizes also allows you to perfectly fit your wall transfer into your living space; simply peel and stick on for a tantalising taste of the orient.

So soak in the rich cultural heritage of this region with a stunning skyline of temples, or the natural elements of flowers, trees, bamboo and birds. The charms of China cannot fail to enchant, perfectly balancing Yin and Yang in any room in your home.