Pretty Face Girls Room Wall Stickers Home Decor Art Decals

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Eyes & Lips Wall Stickers

Convey flamboyance and drama in your home with our scorching collection of sultry eyes and kissing lips wall stickers. Beautifully designed for girls of all ages - from kids to teenagers to adults. Leave a lipstick mark on a bedroom wall, or have giant pretty eyes gaze down into any room to create a stunning feature, suggesting glamour and attitude.

These contemporary DIY vinyl art decals are easy to apply, and leave a professional painted-on effect to seamlessly accentuate your existing decor. Choose a pastel shade for a more subtle effect, or select a bright bold colour for an attention grabbing mural. Sizes range from from small to large to giant, allowing you to perfectly fit the transfer into any space.

So strike a pose, let the walls do the talking and celebrate style with your own wall sticker statement.