Giraffe Head #2 Home Decor Art Decals

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Giraffe Wall Stickers

Answer the call of the wild with our mesmerising collection of giraffe wall stickers. Whether an admirer of their elongated necks or long lengthy lashes, elegantly enhance your lounge, bedroom, study or office and relax with these magnificent beasts in any space.

Our high quality DIY art decals can graze on your walls in natural shades of the savanna, or stand tall and proud in bright bold colours. Select a size to complement your existing decor and furnishings, and simply peel and stick on for a stunning, painted-on finish.

Celebrate the world’s tallest animal, peering into the room from a corner, standing full bodied, or in cartoon form as a perfect playmate in a child’s bedroom or nursery. Bring the wonder of the safari to your home with this enchanting iconic creature from the African plains.