Gymnast Dancer Girls Room Wall Sticker Home Decor Art Decals

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Gymnastics Wall Stickers

Gymnasts (or those that wish they were!) will be inspired by the skill and composure displayed in our collection of gymnastics wall stickers, including floor and beam balances, rhythm with ribbon, and motivational quotes. A male gymnast wall sticker, performing an impressive balance on the rings, can be positioned underneath a shelf or picture frame to add quirky interest to any room.

Applying these stunning vinyl art decals is thankfully nowhere near as challenging as the discipline they display; apply yourself by easily sticking onto any blank wall for a professional painted-on effect. Colour and size can be selected to your preference, to make a large bright statement or blend seamlessly with your existing decor.

These wall transfers celebrate the strength, commitment and control of the gymnast, and are perfect for a gym or leisure centre, girl’s bedroom or playroom. Be inspired.