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Landmark Wall Stickers

Travel the world browsing our stunning selection of famous landmark wall stickers. Celebrate romance with India’s Taj Mahal and France’s Eiffel Tower, or imagine times past with Athens’ Parthenon and Rome’s Coliseum. A taste of the movies is delivered with New York’s Statue of Liberty, or some english charm with London’s Big Ben.

Whichever your top tourist attraction, our art decals are easy to apply yourself and give a professional, painted on finish to any blank wall space. Size and colour can be selected to complement any existing decor, or to stand out as an architecturally themed focal point in any lounge, kitchen, bedroom or study.

So fondly remember weekends shopping in New York with an Empire State Building wall transfer, or dream of Mediterranean memories to come with the Leaning Tower of Pisa. All the fun and splendour of world travel in the comfort of your own home - no passport required!