Africa Wall Stickers

Safari into the savanna plains with our stunning selection of African wall stickers. Experience an encounter with an African elephant or rhino, decorate your home with tribal columns, or add a powerful image of an African tribal lady, staring solemnly into your lounge, study or bedroom.

Our high quality DIY vinyl art decals come in a continent of colours, giving you the option to select natural shades of the Serengeti, or to choose a colour to complement your existing decor. There are also various sizes, allowing an up close and personal encounter, or an impression of life on the horizon. Simply peel and stick onto a blank wall for a professional, painted on finish.

Transport your home to Africa, creating a wonderful watering hole with a scene including giraffes, ibex and baboons. Appreciate the serenity of the acacia tree, the tenacity of the tribes, and celebrate the continent that is the ‘Mother of Mankind.’