Sailing Ship Home Decor Art Decals

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Sailing Wall Stickers

Sail the seven seas with our armada of charming sailing wall stickers. Become a privateer on a plundering pirate ship, or sit back and relax on a luxury cruise liner. Our delightful decals are ideal to drop anchor in a girl or boys bedroom, or decorate plain tiles with captain’s wheel tile transfers for a nautical theme in your bathroom.

Our hand-finished vinyl art decals come in a variety of sizes, whether navigating on deck, up close and personal, or watching a Spanish galleon sailing on the distant horizon. Nail your colours to the mast and choose from a vast fleet of shades, from coral pink to pirate black.

Complement the bountiful boats with seafaring pirate quotes, a navigational compass, and a ship’s anchor to bring out the ancient mariner in us all. Shiver me timbers me hearties, there’s DIY wall transfers ahoy!