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Shark Wall Stickers

Dive into open waters and swim with the rulers of the ocean in our breathtaking collection of DIY shark wall stickers. Including the legendary great white - the largest predatory fish on earth - as well as tiger sharks and hammerheads, these unmistakable streamlined swimmers bring an impressive aquatic theme to any wall in your home.

Our stunning hand-finished art decals can be chosen in a size and colour to perfectly complement the existing furnishings of a girl or boys bedroom or household bathroom - capture a far away frenzy of sharks, or create a bold, up close and personal encounter. Simply peel and stick onto a blank wall for a professional, painted-on finish.

So watch as these ancient, majestic beasts gracefully circle your home, demanding respect and living in perfect harmony with your environment. Admire the dorsal fins but prepare for the jaws… “You’re gonna need a bigger boat!”