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Song Lyric Wall Stickers

‘Imagine’ a blank wall suddenly transformed into a shrine for the most meaningful songs ever written. Our song lyrics wall stickers feature artists from Ed Sheeran to The Beatles to the fantastical and unique Lady Gaga, quoting words to inspire or simply make you smile.

These high quality vinyl DIY art decals come in a variety of sizes and colours to fit the ambience of your room, large or small, Moody Blues or Snow Patrol white. ‘Have the time of your life’ with our wall transfers, simply peeling and sticking onto a blank space for an instant classic hit.

So ‘stop crying your heart out’ and look on the ‘Mr Brightside,’ embossing your wall with your favourite song lyrics of all time. Liven up your lounge, sing in your study, or boogie in your bedroom. Pick the song of your life, perhaps ‘with a little help from your friends!’