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About us (who we are)

Who Are we?
We are a small but very experienced family run business consisting of 3 people based in the United Kingdom

Why trust us?
Our experience stretches right back to 2008 where we were one of the leading innovators in the wall stickers market under the name of daographics, at our busiest point we had a work force of 8 people, over the years we have sold no less than 250.000 wall stickers.

But buying online, how do you know you can trust us?
Firstly we have 2 ebay accounts where you can see our feedback

40000+ feedback in lifetime
3237 feedback in the last year
16 neutrals
7 negatives

2000+ feedback in lifetime
758 feedback in the last year
1 neutrals
0 negatives

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and stick to it, sometimes going above and beyond the call of duty in order to ensure happiness.

Our payment methods are all protected, shopify payments processor and paypal, we do not ask for payment via any other method than the most secure.

What makes us better than others?
You will really struggle to find a wall sticker supplier with more experience than us as we was one of the very first suppliers of wall transfers which means we have gone through years of testing material, posting methods, what works and what doesnt.

Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority, sure everyone says this however we never forget that without our customers we would not exist, it is vital in any successful business to have happy customers, we want you to come back and we want you to reccommend us to your freinds/family when they comment on how nice your wall art is which we gaurantee they will.

We do not sacrifice quality for price

Do you know the difference between a vinyl wall sticker and a pvc print?

Vinyl Wall Transfer
- Self adhesive material (often matte) looks painted on.
- No background, the gaps inbetween is your wall and your wall only.
- The gaps inbetween are picked out by hand by someone that is paid £8 per hour, once all the bits are picked out this leaves the desired image.
- Extra layer of material used to transfer the product, we call this application tape, this is used to apply your sticker and then peeled off and thrown away.

Pvc Printed Stickers
- Peel and stick material self adhesive.
- Printed on a clear pvc film.
-  Gaps between words, spaces between letters, gaps in parts of the design are a clear pvc film, when a light is turned on you can clearly see the pvc film, cheap and tacky so much so we have recently seen a rise in businesses that provide these trying to pass them off as vinyl transfers (what we sell) 

Though we never like to hear of someone having a bad experience buying online we find that customers that have bought the tacky pvc prints really appreciate the quality of our product.

We have a folder on our facebook page of actual customer photos, check them out here:

Real Customer Photos

If you want to get in touch with us see our contact us page.

Thanks for taking the time to read about us, hoping to serve you soon.

Laographics team.